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Frequently asked questions

What is this service ?

With Freefactomizer you can prove that a document existed at the time you submit it to the service. If later someone steals your work and publishes it, you can prove your ownership anteriority.

What the difference with publishing something on Facebook or Youtube ?

There has been cases where the date of publication on Facebook or Youtube have been presented as proof to a court of justice. But this kind of proof is weak in reality, theses services are not designed to provide proof of existence and we can't be sure that the database they use has not been altered by hackers or accident. The adverse party wouldn't hesitate to argue that. FreeFactomize relies on Factom blockchain which is especially designed to prove existence and integrity and offers many benefits in term of sustainability and resistance to censorship. A derivation of your document signature is ultimately integratedin the Bitcoin blockchain which is the more trusted distributed database in the world.

And if I want to keep my document secret ?

Your documents stay secrets, they never leave your browser. What you publish is the document signature (also called hash), it's an irreversible process. You can calculate the signature from the document but you can't recreate the document from it's signature.

What's the API ?

This feature will allow you to integrate our service in the softwares you use, for example you could submit automatically the invoices you create and later be able to prove their integrity in case fiscal authorities control you.

Well, but what if you disappear ?

You don't need us to establish the proof of existence, the text you conserve after submission contains all you need to establish the proof.
You need two things largely available:
- a SHA256 hash calculator (online tool or free software)
- an access to factom blockchain, this can be an online service or the Factom software installed on any computer.
This could sound complicated for you but it's an easy task for any IT guy.

And if Factom disappears ?

Factom is a fast growing P2P network and the foundation that supports it is well-funded. But even if this network stopped, it would be possible to establish your proof as long as you can find a copy of the Factom blockchain.

Why do you offer this service for free ?

The founder needed such a service for his own business so he created it. As blockchain technologies enthusiasts, we are happy to share it with you.